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Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

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August 2014
Delivered My Billing Buddy Link for Route Rite Windows
Delivered My Billing Buddy Deskview for SQL
Delivered My Billing Buddy to QuickBooks Export

May 2014
Announced Delivery of "My Billing Buddy"tm Android Service Management Software

April 2014
Released Version 8.437 for Route Rite Software

April 2013
Route Rite Legend Version 8.4 Single User Standard and Limted were tested with Microsoft's Window's 8 Home Premium and was approved.

Also a User Reported
"I am happy to report that our computer is up and running with Route Rite installed on and working flawlessly. This is a windows 8 install on an HP Envy 20 Touch screen all in one computer 4gb-Ram and 5 GB storage CPU is G640 @ 2.80 GHZ running 64 bit processor, running as a client on our Network".

January 2013
Released the Second Generation Android Software "My Billing Buddy"tm Inspector Software with Enhanced Customer Information, Routing, Service and Product notes and comments, Inspections, Searches and Reports. This version works on Jelly Bean and Prior Android Versions. My Billing Buddy Link Software Imports and Exports from Inspector to Route Rite version 8.4.

January 2012
Released My Billing Buddy Android Software for Android 2 and 3, as the Mobile Companion to Route Rite eliminating the need for printing service forms and reducing truck mileage to pick them up and deliver them. Also mapping and directions in My Billing Buddy reduces travel miles.

January 2011
Released Route Rite Version 8.437 of Route Rite Legend. These were mostly poilish up upgrades.

January 2010
Released Route Rite Version 8.4 as the most stable, feature rich and bug free version of the almost 2 decade in existance product.

March 2008
Release of "Route Rite"® Legend Route Service Customer Billing Software Upgrade Version 8025.

September 2007
Release of "Route Rite"® Legend Route Service Customer Billing Software Upgrade Version 8022 is Beta Tested

February 2007
Release of "Route Rite"® Legend Route Service Customer Billing Software Upgrade Version 8019 is announced, including new Service Slip, Database Upgrades for Capacity & Credit Balance Reporting.

October 2006
Released Version 8014 of our "Route Rite"® Legend Route Customer Service Billing Software. This Version increases the capacities of the software to accommodate Big Users that use all features of the software.
Released the Optional Branch Link Module which now allows users to run multiple databases for running multiple companies or Archive and current data. So run as many years of history as you want while keeping your current data base small for speed. 

June 2006
"Route Rite"® Legend Route Customer Service Billing Software Version 8.011- This Version is dedicated to reducing keystrokes while getting more information, to the user, to allow more efficient Route Billing and Customer Service Management Decisions.

February 2006
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 8.0 Platform has arrived. This version installs the underbelly for many features to come, along with existing feature enhancement.

October 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 7.2.20 is released. Upgrades to Sales and Production Database and Reporting, New Internal to the software Live Email Support Questions and Answers, Expansion of the depth of Services Per Invoice.

June 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 7.28 is released. Report Upgrades, Product Sales Upgrades, New York Pesticide Usage (NYDEC) Upgrades and more.

May 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 7.27 is released. Production & Report Upgrades, More Exports, Routing & Scheduling Upgrades.

April 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 7.2 is released with Database Restructuring for more speed and efficiency. New Sales Person Reporting, New Customizable Renewals, New Exports and more!

March 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend New Platform Version 7 is Released with version 7.0.2. Increased Routing & User Efficiency highlights this first of several entries to New Platform 7. We suggest immediate upgrade or purchase of this version.

February 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 6.0.27 is Released with increased Sales Tax options on the automatic re-occurring billing features. Great for Rentals and Flat Rate Billing, along with a nice complement to the by the service billing features. 
Version 7 is being prepared and tested

January 2005
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 6.0.23 is Released with more Routing & Scheduling options.

December 2004
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 6.0.22 is Released with more Invoicing options.

September 2004
"Route Rite"® Legend Version 6.0.19 is Released with report updates.

August 2004
"Route Rite" tm Legend Version 6.0.15 is Released with interface updates including exports of Various Reports and Routes for Map Plotting, GPS and further data manipulation.

June 2004
Announced the Release of "Route Rite" tm Legend Version 6, complete with new exporting to excel for Route Stop Addresses, Customer Addresses, Reports and Call List Filters. New Inventory Usage and Management Reports, also allow exporting. Great Tools for further analysis.
New Ca Termite Reporting, allowing exporting of Inspections and Completions, to its email capabilities. More to come on this module.

May 2004
Announced the completion of Training Slide Shows for Route Rite Legend
Route Billing, Version 6 is in Final Testing

March 2004 - Press Release
"Congratulations on "Route Rite"® Legend "® Route Billing Software Passing" the Tablet PC Catalog Verification Test. I'm pleased that Quality Logic was able to assist in your successful effort by providing testing Services"
Announced the addition of "GoToMyPC"tm Software to companion with the Mobile Route Service Billing Software, "Route Rite"tm Legend.
Added Live Internet Demo to the Purchase Decision Options. See the way to run your business on this customizable pest control software.
Added "Consultation" Training with Data Base analysis to the Customer Support Options. This along with the customers software production requirements, allow Training is pointed to the specific customer needs, in private sessions.
Web Support Section, including FAQ's and Legend Help has been updated.

February 2004 - 
Version 5.0 for Route Rite Legend Route Accounting Software is Released! More Pre-billing Options, more Ca Termite Completion Options, Upgrades to Specific and General Route Scheduling. State Codes now include Canada (Provinces), Virgin Islands, West Indies, Puerto Rico. Enhancements to Marble Mouse functions.

January 2004
Release Version 4.011 for Route Rite Legend Route Service Software. More Forms Upgrades.

November 2003
Release Version 4.0 for Route Rite Legend Route Accounting Pest Control Software. More Customizable Service Slips, upgrades to Ca. Termite, Updates for Renewal Services.

June 2003
Release Version 3.11 for Route Rite with Ca Termite Upgrades, NYDEC Report Upgrades and California Agriculture Report Upgrades.

March 2003
Release Version 3.0 and 3.1 for Route Rite Legend
Released New State Structural Pest Control Board Forms for Ca. WDI and Completions Reports.

February 2003
Released Version 3.0 of Route Rite Legend Sports Camp Management Software

December 2002
Released Route Rite Legend Version 2.74
Announced "Route Rite"tm Legend Mobile for the Tablet PC

October 2002
Released "Sports Camp"tm Version 2.0 Upgrades

September 2002
Released Version 2.73 which includes Bulk Letter & Mailing Label printing with a New and Improved Filtering Section for selecting specific groups of customers for reporting or mailing and much more.
Posted 2.72 Version Update for "Route Rite" Legend Desktop Routing and Accounting Software.

August 2002 - Pest Control Software Update
Added Link to Intuits "QuickBooks"tm for Service and Product paid totals to assist in Profit and Loss reporting without duplicate entry.
Posted Legend Version 2.69, 2.70, 2.71. 

July 2002
Posted Route Rite Legend Version 2.66 for Route Management & Pest Control Software with Automatic Verification and New Service Slip/Invoices. 

June 2002
Posted Route Rite Legend Version 2.65 for the routing software. It features links to "SmartDraw"tm Diagramming. SmartDraw is a product of
Introduced the California Termite add-on Module

May 2002
Route Rite "Sports Camp" Software was released for general delivery

April 2002
Posted Legend Version 2.587 Upgrade for all configurations of the live Legend Software.  
Introduced the first Version of Route Rite Legend Sports Camp

November 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.56 Upgrade for single & multi-users of the live Legend Software. Speedy Barcode posting is activated.

October 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.54 Upgrade for Single & Multi-Users of Live Legend Software

September 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.52 for Single and Multi-user Live Legend Users
Release these Software Modules for Volume Shipping: Branch Link , Accounting Link for Intuit's QuickBooks and Inventory Management

August 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.48 for Single and Multi-user Live Legend Users

July 24, 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.42 Upgrade for both our Single and Multi-user Support Customers

July 16, 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.41 Upgrade for both our Single and Multi-user Support Customers

July 10, 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.4 Upgrade for both our Single and Multi-user Support Customers

June 28, 2001
Posted Legend Version 2.3 upgrade for Single and Multi-user Live Annual Support Legend users.  

June 25, 2001
Posted Version 2.2 upgrade for Annual Support single user live Legend Users. Multi-user is being tested.
Legend now allows support customers to ask support questions within the program and get answers back through your email address quicker than ever.

June, 2001
Testing of Legend Version 2.2, the first version to be posted on the private customer section. It upgrades version 2.0 and 2.1 to 2.2. Due June 26th
Testing of Route Rite 32 Data Conversion to Legend
Released Legend Version 2.1 with multi-user installations
Released Live Version 2.0 of "Route Rite"® Legend for single user environments using Windows 98 or better OS.
Posted 2.0 Demo Version
Began shipping non data conversion clients
Legend will now begin its normal update process with postings to the private customer section.

April 30, 2001
Updated Legend Demo Version 1.2 and posted to the Web. Suggestions of the Beta Testers were included.

April 10, 2001
"Route Rite"® Legend Live Demo Version 1.1 put on the Web for Download.  
Includes Screen View adjustments, minor code bugs found in 1.0, New Call List Filter with capability of printing Service Slips, Statements, Renewals, Email Customers, Form Letters, Spreadsheets and export address for plot mapping. Routing Adjustments and print view adjustments.

March 23, 2001
"Route Rite"® Legend Live Demo Version 1.0 put on the Web for Download.
"Route Rite"® Legend desktop routing and accounting software. New "Easy User Interface", Internet Links, Just as flexible, Links to Microsoft Word and Excel, On Line Maps, Links to Quickbook & Peachtree for GL. Geographic Routing. Both Access and Sequel Version.

June 2000
"Route Rite"tm 32, version 0005 is cleared from Beta and released for existing support and new customers. This version is posted in the Private Customer Section. Simply download the update at your leisure.

May 2000
Released Version 0005 Demo (upgrade #10 since 1999) Highlight feature Web link to PST for Released Version 0005 Demo (upgrade #10 since 1999) 
"Pen Writer"tm for Pocket PC is in alpha testing due in September.
Complete restructure of "Private Customer Forum" with Online Questions and Answers, "Route Rite"tm for Dos FAQs and Route Rite 32 FAQ section, latest Software Update downloads with email notification and Suggestions for future updates.

April 2000
Released v0004 upgrade for Route Rite® 32 for support customers- features general routing and skip months
Released v0004 Demo
Upgrade to V.B., Version 6. Increased speed and overall efficiency.
Person to Person training offered by appointment
Inspection Module added beginning with Ca. Termite Inspection's

March 2000
Corporate offices moved from Tempe to larger offices with training facilities in Mesa.

March 2000
Released v0003 upgrade for Route Rite® 32 for support customers.

March 2000
Released California Termite Module for Route Rite® 32

March 2000
Released Inventory Module for Route Rite® 32

March 2000
Released Route Rite® 32 v0002 Demo

March 2000
Performance Software Technologies, Inc. moves to new larger corporate office with In-House Training facility and local hotels & restaurants

February 2000
Performance Software Technologies, Inc. announces the addition of its new Person-to-Person Training package for Route Rite® 32; reservations will be accepted starting March 1, 2000

February 2000
Released v0001 upgrade for Route Rite® 32 for support customers

January 2000
Preliminary test results show Route Rite® 32 compatible with Windows2000

January 2000
Released v9905 upgrade for Route Rite® Route Rite® 32

November 1999
Released v9904 upgrade for Route Rite® 32

November 1999
Released Route Rite® 32 Demo

October 1999
Released v9903 upgrade for Route Rite® 32

September 1999
Added Newsletter Archive to the Web
Added Route Rite 32â system Requirements

September 1999
Added a Download page with Slide Shows for Route Rite® 32 and Pen Writer®

August 1999
Shipped out Route Rite® 32, our 32-bit Visual Basic product, to our Beta Testers

July 1999
Updated the slide shows to incorporate Route Rite® 32 and Pen Writer®

July 1999
Added Route Rite® 32 information

April 1999
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit DOS 4.1; final Y2K version

February 1999
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit for Windows 2.1

September 1998
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit for Windows 1.3

June 1998
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit DOS 4.0

April 1998
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit for Windows 1.2

November 1997
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit DOS 3.3

Release of Pen Writer for Apple's Newton Message Pad
Release of Route Rite® 16-bit for Windows

Release of Route Rite® 16-bit DOS
All your customer Vitals, Services and Service Instructions, Transaction History, Re-Scheduling
Individual Pricing, Multiple Addressses and more

Integrated with Routing, Inventory and Accounts Receivable
Route Rite Software is American Made
"Route Rite"tm Software Configurations:
Live Person to Person Training and Email Support
Live Training (add-on)
Annual Software Support (add-on)
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