Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

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"Route Rite"tm Software Configurations:
Route Rite Legend has built in forms, most to print on 8.5 x 11 Blank Paper with or without your Logo, including 10 full Service Slip Types, 2 Data Only Service Slips for pre printed forms, Invoices, Statements & Renewals. The 2 Data Only Slips allow you to have your own slips pre printed by your local printer to match our layout.
Live Person to Person Training and Email Support
Live Training (add-on)
Annual Software Support (add-on)
Route Rite Legend Service Forms are also designed to assist you in decreasing your customer's time to pay! 10 of the 10 print on blank 1, 2 or 3 part paper. 2 print data only (11 and 12) to allow you to have your local printing company make your own form templates. Use Dot Matrix Printer or Laser or Ink Jet printers.

Use the 12 Different choices of Service Slips/Work Tickets as a copy for your customer to pay.

Immediately print
Invoices that need to be mailed to the billing address.

Print and Send Customer
"Statement of Account" to the billing address, including all open invoices, aged, for all service addresses billed to this customer.

Print your standard, one time comments or disclaimers to your Service Slips and Invoices.

Route Rite Legend Forms fold to fit a standard #10 window envelope. This should save you money on more expensive forms of mailings. If you are really aggressive, you can insert a Self Addressed #9 Envelope with or without the postage and take away all excuses.

Use 1, 2 or 3 part blank paper (2 or 3 part, is usually for Dot Matrix Printers), which you can purchase locally to you or on the Internet, for our Legend Electronic Forms (1 - 8). See Form Details for more info on forms.

Or have your local printer make a pre printed form, with the labels you would like, in the matching fields of our data only forms (#9, 11 & 12).

Or use Route Rite's Laser/Inkjet 2-up Service Slip with top and bottom printing of the perforation. Your customer keeps and can even pay from the top section. The bottom comes back with comments and material usage for your posting of changes to the scheduled job.

Print Renewals for annual services. Fold and mail. If the customer renews, then click the renewal and the software automatically creates an invoice to bill the customers account.

Here are the 4 most popular purpose specific Service Slip/Invoice from the 12 available. A Statement of Account is also available.

Service Slips have a corresponding Invoice and Standard Statement. These slips are designed to print data based on the fields in your Route Rite Legend Software. Therefore the same form can also be very flexible. These smart forms print your company specific data based on your setup. Service names, product names, notes & comments, etc...

These forms are used with Route Rite Legend route service billing and accounting software by Pest Control, lawn care, Carpet Cleaning, snow removal, Window cleaning, handyman service, home service, Pool Service, pressure washing, lawn care software, beverage service and more. 

All forms are subject to change based on version upgrades.
Service Business’s Go Green & Save Mailing Expense

Email Service Slips, Invoices and Statements with "Route Rite"™ Legend Software in 3 Quick Steps
Eliminate Postage and Expense of Stuffing Envelopes for Billing Some Customers using "Route Rite"™ Software and BCL’s “Easy PDF Printer Driver Software”®
We have tested BCL Technologies, BCL easyPDF Printer Driver5 with "Route Rite"™ Legend Software and it will allow you to Convert your Route Rite forms to PDF and Email all of the printed Documents

Purchase this approx $30 software (per computer to email forms) from BCL, and it will allow you to email Documents from "Route Rite"™ Route Billing Software as easy as printing a document, except this will print it and attach it to an your email. When you print a document from "Route Rite"™ you will be able to select BCL easyPDF Printer Driver as a printer and the software will allow you to Name & Email the individual Invoice or Statement, or you may email a Batch of Work Tickets (to be printed or viewed as a batch) PDF file. This is useful for email Service Slips for the Day to a Remote Technician. Of course with emailing you automatically are saving the form for future re-use.  Save The PDF forms to the folder of your choice.

Email all printable Forms from "Route Rite"™ Legend Software to your Service Customers Computer, to be viewed or printed as long as the other computer has a PDF Reader like Adobe Acrobat (Free). “I was able to view the invoices emailed from "Route Rite"™ on my Sprint Phone with the feature that allows reading attachments on emails”. Here are some of the forms.
Individual Service Slips manually printed one at a time for each customer or in Batches printed as a group to a Remote Technician at that Tech’s Home.

Individual Invoices for each Customer or email a batch to be printed and mailed by someone else
Individual Statements for each Customer or email a batch to be printed and mailed by someone else
Individual Letters for each Customer (with Microsoft Word)
Individual Spreadsheet for each Customer (with Microsoft Word)
Individual Route Sheets for each Driver

Special Reports
California Termite, Completion Reports, Ca Ag Report, NYDEC
This Slip is Data Only for those that need a pre printed work ticket but with no prices
Mostly used by Pest Control and is a paid slip 1, 2 or 3 part Dot Matrix Slip is about 3-5 cents per sheet
This is a specialty inspection slip and is at a cost of 3 to 5 cents per
This is a Standard Blank Paper Statement
This Slip prints the fixed Data layout only for those that want a pre printed Slip with Prices
Slip # 10
Slip # 2
Slip # 4
Slip # 12
Slip # 11
Made for Ink Jets and Lasers to print 2 on a page. Needs perforated paper
Slip # 12
Here are a few of the 12 Route Rite Service Slips. These are the most popular, but use any of them whenever you print your service slips:
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