Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

Group your Service Customers to route truck to same geographic area
Route Rite Software shows mulitple trucks route stops
Use colors to quickly see the service customers in the same area
See your Service Appoinment Details with Route Rite Software
Print Service Forms with Route Rite Software
Route Rite Software allow Routing Preferences
Save Customer Map Pictures in Route Rite Software
"Route Rite"tm Software Configurations:
"Route Rite"™ Software Routing Module Overview
The "Route Rite"™ Software Routing Module is integrated with the Customer, Inventory, Accounts Receivable Modules and "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software.

It takes each individual customer and each individual addresses service instructions and performs its integrated functions that result in helping you to get all the work done on time, either by automatically scheduling or reminding you at the right time. It is designed to use customized zones, usually previously setup by manual operations, with its goal to keep the trucks in the same general user defined geographic regions on the same day and same general times. This modules goal is to help you get jobs done on time, but with less mileage and fuel consumption.

So this module manages getting the work done per the individual customer service instructions but in conjunction with all the other work. It prints Service Slips, which are really work tickets, that convert to invoices once the work is completed and provides route summary reports.

This module handles all the editing of known completed work just prior to the Invoice being created so that the invoice has the up to date changes. It also can send and receive data to and from "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software through "My Billing Buddy"™ Link Software. So it can print the slips or send them to "My Billing Buddy"™ Android Invoicing Software. See more Detail Below…
Route Rite Software Saves you gas
Route Rite Software Saves you money
• Dynamic Listing of Customers and jobs needing to be scheduled
• Re-sort jobs waiting to be scheduled by any column heading (including geography or dollar volume)
• Select the job and see the existing jobs geographically in relation to that selected job
• Locate jobs by job id, day, tech, address, phone, customer
• On-Screen View of stops by single day or multiple days, single truck or multiple trucks
• View open slots with other jobs that are close (by your customized definition) to the target job
• Route by specific time (Appointment at 8:00am or general ranges of times (between 8 and 10am)
• Color coordinated scheduling for easier on-screen geographic routing
• Move job easily from one day to any other day or time, if available
• View detail or summary of jobs with one click
• Edit jobs (with proper security), including materials or products to be used or sold
• View stops by name, city, zip, grid or number
• Click to place a job in a open slot
• Track productive hours and dollar volume of route, truck or person on the screen
• Verify completed jobs individually or in batches
• Automatic rescheduling of completed jobs or scheduling reminders
• Automatic scheduling of predetermined jobs based on your pre set instruction
• Pre set (day of the week) scheduling and billing
• Automatic instructional billing
• Integrated commission calculation
•Each Service for each customer can have a Renewal Slip ready to be mailed printed.
• Reports
• Integrated Accounts Receivable
• Bill by the stop with purchases
• Bill by a fixed pattern Monthly, Quarterly or Yearly
• Track Credit Balances
• Pay off invoices with Monies on Account or by most any form of payment
Route Rite can be used for Pest Control, Lawn Maintenance, Pool Service, Water Service, Medical Waste, Shredding Service, Disposal Service, Sanitation Billing, Pooper Scooper, Maid Cleaning, Window Cleaners Billing, Beverage Delivery, Route Billing, Service billing and other service mangement needs.
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