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My Billing Buddy Inspector Routing, Invoicing, Inventory and Inspection Software for Android
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Stop Wasting Money!
Reduce Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Costs, Reduce Paper Costs, Reduce Office Posting Expense, Reduce Missed jobs, Collect your Money Faster.
"Pest Control Operators,Lawn Care and Service, Cleaning Service, Beverage Service, Water Delivery, Sanitation Service, Pool Service, Carpet Cleaning Service, Pooper Scooper Service, Grooming Services, Waste Pickup Services, Shredding Service and more. Customize your services and setup and you can use the portion of "Route Rite"™ "All in One" Software that you want.
Route Rite runs on Microsoft Windows Computers and Contains Integrated:
Customer Tracking and History, Job Scheduling, Job Routing, Invoicing of Service and Products, Inventory, Accounts Receivable, Inventory, Export to QuickBooks and Reporting including some state material usage reports.

Route Rite is in Its 4th genration, since 1991, beginning with DOS, Windows, 32 Bit Window and 64 Bit Windows. We are now in development of the 5th Generation of Route Rite, the SQL Version. Route Rite runs Windows XP, Vista, Win 7, Win 8 and Win 10

All Premium Support Customers get our like product Upgrades at no addtional charge and therefore we have many that started with DOS and upgraded through at no additional charge.

You may use Route Rite by itself and or use just some of it's feature without having to use them all. Later if you would like you can add "My Billing Buddy"tm

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"My Billing Buddy"™ Android Software for Paperless Routing and Billing of your Customer Sales or Service Visits, Since 2013
"Route Rite"™ Windows Based Route Service Billing Software
Performance Software Technologies has spent its entire over 3 decades (since 1991) developing Service Route Management Software that is designed to Increase the Efficiency, Profitablity, and appearance of Route Service and Billing Businesses. One or all of our Software Products will work with the small (under 200 customers) to the Multi User Networks. Our software is designed to protect your data by running on your secure environment (office or home) and not the Cloud. You have Complete Control of your Data.
Performance Software Technologies, Inc.
Developers of "Route Rite"tm and "My Billing Buddy"tm Route Service Management Software, since 1991
"My Billing Buddy"™ Android Service Management Software
is designed to work Stand Alone, with Route Rite or with Intuit's QuickBooks. So you don't even need "Route Rite"tm to produce and print your QuickBooks Reports for your accountant. "My Billing Buddy" can Import your Invoice Information from your Android Device directly into your Desktop QuickBooks, with My Billing Buddy Link Software.

My Billing Buddy Android Service Management Software contains:
Customer Details, Scheduling, Reminders, Invoicing (emailed to customer and office), Collections, Inspections (emailed to the customer and office), Signatures, tracks vehicle mileage, invoice, service and product notes, all integrated with your Android Device Features.

My Billing Buddy is fully capable of operating stand alone as the very high capacity of storage in todays smart phones allow us to make very smart Android Package that is not tethered to the Cloud.
Route Rite Link and Deskview Software for My Billing Buddy, Since 2015

"Route Rite"tm to My Billing Buddy Link Software
sends and receives appointments and Invoices to and from Route Rite to reduce posting.

"My Billing Buddy"tm Link Import to Intuit's QuickBooks will import the Invoice data from My Billing Buddy directly into QuickBooks. So you can collect and send followup invoices and produce the sales side of your QuickBooks Reports.

"My Billing Buddy"tm DeskView Software is designed import My Billing Buddy Information into our New SQL Version of our Software. See all your customers and their balances and payments and notes with maximum sorting and searching capabilities. Locate and customer and see all their transactions. This product requires the free version of SQL and is ready for delivery though this product will continue aggresive development over 2016. This product is provided with My Billing Buddy basic version.
Software Support, Automated Training Aids and Personal Training is available on all Route Rite and My Billing Buddy Products. They are all flexible so that they conform better to you. so sometimes you need a little help. Software support also provides no charge upgrades to the like products as they are produced. Its a great additional service that saves time.
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