Option 1.
Option 2 Route Rite Silent Demo Movie
The Route Rite Demo Movie is a natural progression to the slide show if you are interested in seeing the some of the keystrokes of a user using Route Rite. You do not need Microsoft Power Point for this demo. Conveniently you may pause the movie with the space bar to spend more time viewing the screen and reading any captions. The keystrokes do not represent how everyone uses this customizable software but will give you a feel. The first two demo's allow you to see the software without needing any of our training aids (that come with the purchase software).
Option 3
Download Live "Route Rite"™ Legend Demo. Click Button or paste http://www.gopst.com/download1.htm

Download a Live Demo. Put the software on your computer. The demo comes pre loaded with data and you will be able to manipulate the included customers, if you want to see your customer data. You can alter the setup but since you do have the Setup and Training Aids. Yet, you may want to get the feel with the existing demo data.

Also since Route Rite Software is dynamic by the Calendar Dates therefore you may not see any the stops in the routing. Once appt a longer than 90 days past due if move from the on screen routing to the missed Service Report. If you want to you can go to any customer and move the next date to more current and you will see it on the OnScreen Routing.

You will need Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, 8 or 10 to run this single user demo.
when you install on greater than XP, change the compatibility to XP and run as Administrator. Right Click on the Icon, then compatibility and make selections
If you do not have Microsoft Office you can
Download the Microsoft PowerPoint Viewer- Free
Note: You will need Microsoft's PowerPoint (Usually comes in Microsoft Office) to run this slide demo. If you do not have PowerPoint, you may download the free viewer below
The Route Rite Powerpoint Slide Show is an excellent way to get a feel for the Route Rite Software and your Service Business. You will see the screens and be able to see the stuff you can keep on your customers.
Service Routing and Billing Software
Route Rite Software Home Page www.gopst.com
Route Rite Legend for the Office:
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Limited (200 customer limit)
Single-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Multi-User "Route Rite"tm Legend Standard
Premium Version of RR Legend Standard runs separate Companies

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software comes with On Board Set up and Training Documentation, Training Slide Show, Training Movies, 30 days of complimentary access to the Support Web, 30 days of email support for questions and answers.

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Route Rite Software 3 Demo Options are Below:
In the below Demo Movie you will See the Demo with Keystrokes to help you determine Route Rite's Ease of Use
All your customer Vitals, Services and Service Instructions, Transaction History, Re-Scheduling
Individual Pricing, Multiple Addressses and more

Integrated with Routing, Inventory and Accounts Receivable
Route Rite Software is American Made
"Route Rite"tm Software Configurations:
Live Person to Person Training and Email Support
Live Training (add-on)
Annual Software Support (add-on)
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