Route Rite Route Service and Billing Software for Windows
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My Billing Buddy Inspector Routing, Invoicing, Inventory and Inspection Software for Android
My Billing Buddy Inspector Routing, Invoicing, Inventory and Inspection Software for Android
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Route Rite Routing, Billing and Inventory for Windows software
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"Route Rite"™ Software for Windows, since 1991, for over 2 Decades of Service, beginning with Pest Control Operators. Our Route Rite Software is very mature and therefore it works, as we designed it. We Fully Integrate Customer History, Routing and Scheduling, Inventory Accounts Receivable, Invoicing, Statements, Renewals, Reports, California Termite, Material Usage Reporting for California and New York along with General Usage Reporting. We have users that have been using our stuff for many many years.
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"Route Rite"™ Software was designed 2 decades ago, 1991, to manage the businesses of Pest Control Operators and keep them from missing services, scheduling their trucks with service jobs in the same geographic area on the same days and times as close as possible, to print Service Slips/Invoices with work to be done and materials to be used, then given to the route technician for each stop, then to automatically bill the service customer with Mailed Invoices, to Collect the Money with Statements, Accounts Receivable Reports, Usage Reports and to complete specialized reports including California Termite Report, California Ag Report and NYDEC Report.

Service Your Customers with Route Rite Software Scheduling, Routing, Inventory, Invoicing and Billing Specialized for Truck Billing, Since 1991

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Route Rite Software helps you:

An affordable Route Rite Software Solution used to route, invoice & collect from your customer services On Time with Less Cost for the service business including Pest Control, Lawn Care, Carpet Cleaning, Maid Service, Water Delivery, Pooper Scooper, Waste Removal, Shredding Service, Contractor Service, Handy Man Service, Pet Grooming Service and more...

Route Rite Routing, Billing and Inventory for Windows software
Route Rite Routing, Billing and Inventory for Windows software
Reduce Vehicle Mileage and Fuel Costs, Reduce Paper Costs, Reduce Office Posting Expense, Reduce Missed jobs, Collect your Money Faster.
Our "Route Rite"™ Software started in 1991 with a DOS Version, followed by a 16 bit Windows Version, then Route Rite 32 bit Windows, to the 4th Generation "Route Rite"™ Legend Software. We have customers that have been using our software almost since our beginning. Some upgraded through our Support Programs over the years and some just kept using our DOS Version. The whole idea was to keep expanded the customization of the software so that Service Names and Frequencies and the other setup items could be customized to each Service Business in it own Industry, so that other service businesses that performed service or sales could use the same software.
Or Click Here go See "My Billing Buddy"tm Android Software for Routing, Directions, Pricing, Invoicing, Parts, Material Inventory and Inspections, all from your Android Phone. Use it stand alone or with Route Rite.
"Route Rite"™ Software can be used by it original Pest Control Operators, but also Lawn Care, Cleaning Service, Beverage Service, Water Delivery, Sanitation Service, Pool Service, Carpet Cleaning, Pooper Scooper, Dog Grooming, Waste Elimination, Shredding Service and more. Customize your services and setup and you can use the portion of "Route Rite"™ "All in One" Software that you want.
Stop Wasting Money
Invest in "Route Rite"™ Service Management Software
Pest Control Software
Waste Removal Software
Shredder Service Software
Lawn Care Software
Water Delivery Software
Pool Service Software
Window Cleaning Software
After 1.5 years in development and testing we have just released
"My Billing Buddy"tm Inspector Industrial Strength Android Software For Paperless Trucks with Reduced Fuel Usage! And Customer Signatures on Invoices and Inspections

Try our "My Billing Buddy"tm Android Smart Phone Invoicing Software
See if it works for your Service Business All Product Features
"Route Rite"™ Software
Customer Information Includes

Integrated to Routing, AR and Inventory
Easy to Use
Customer Information
Tracks Multiple Services p cust
Tracks Multiple Addresses p cust
Consolidated or individual Statements
Balances Owing
Credit Balances
Multiple Searches
Email Customer
Customer Source and Type
Invoice History
Payment History
Point of Sale
Terms & Late Charges
Sales Tax or Exempt
Special Products
"Route Rite"™ Software
Routing & Scheduling Includes

Integrated to Customer, AR and Inventory
Easy to Use
Multiple Addresses for Customers
Multiple Services per Address
Multiple Frequencies for Services
Service Reminders
Automatic Rescheduling by Day, Week, Month
On-Screen Geographic Routing by Zip Code and Zone
View Single Days or Mulitple Days of Route Stops
View Multiple Days of Unscheduled jobs
View Single Trucks or Multiple Trucks
Print 12 Different Service Slips/Invoices
Comments for Specific Customers
Export Stops to Microsoft Excel
Track Missed Services
Move Jobs
See Production
See Daily Revenue Expected
"Route Rite"™ Software
Accounts Receivable Includes

Integrated to Routing, Customer and Inventory
Easy to Use
Service and Product Pricing by Customer
Bill By the Visit or a Fixed Amount
Print Invoices
Print Aged Statements
Print Renewals
Print Transaction Reports
Point of Sale
View Customer Balances
Credit Holds
Track Commissions
Multiple Profit Centers
Export to Intuit's QuickBooks
"Route Rite"™ Software
Inventory Includes

Integrated to Routing, Customer and AR
Easy to Use
Product Sales
Material Usage
Pricing by Customer
Pricing by Address
Pricing by Service
Material Usage Reporting
Track Cost of Inventory
Track Suggested Reorder Levels
Track Product, Material & Equipment
Track Multiple Inventory Locations
Track Serial Numbers
Apply to Profit Centers
Export to Excel
Along with On Screen Routing, Route Rite keeps track of Customers, their schedules, including multiples of services per address, their service instructions, inventory sold, needed and used with reporting, Invoicing, Billing, Statements & Renewals and 12 Types of Work Tickets or just use the Summary Report

"All in One" "Route Rite"tm Legend Includes Customer History, Routing and Scheduling, Account Receivable, Inventory and Usage, Reports, Service Slips, Invoices, Statements, Export to Intuit's QuickBooks, Interface to Microsoft's Word and Excel. More...
With Route Rite Software you will have help to:
Increase Your Service Efficiency by getting jobs done at less cost
Decrease your Missed Services by being reminded and reported
Increase your Office Productivity by forgetting less
Decrease your Duplicate Entry by Route Rite Software sharing data
Decrease your Office Expenses with more work completed per person
About us
"Route Rite"tm Training & Support:

Training Documentation, Training Slide Shows and Training Movies are delivered with "Route Rite"® Software. Since we have been training and support users for over 2 decades we know most of the questions and tendencies of our new users and these help items are designed to cover those areas. So most that are using just the basic features don't need any help.

We also offer Live Setup Training, Live Consulting and Training, Annual Support Programs including our stadard software updates.

Our email support answers come back to you within minutes to hours depending on on or off hours, but our Frequently Asked Questions and Answers Documentation delivered with the software answers most questions.

With Route Rite Software you will have help to:
Increase Your Service Efficiency by getting jobs done at less cost
Decrease your Missed Services by being reminded and reported
Increase your Office Productivity by forgetting less
Decrease your Duplicate Entry by Route Rite Software sharing data
Decrease your Office Expenses with more work completed per person

• Track your Customers Service History
• Reminders of Job next service dates
• Print Service Tickets & Invoices
• Collect your Money Faster
• Keep your Job Stops in geographic areas
• Stop missing service stops
• Bill your rentals each month automatically

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Invest in "Route Rite"tm Service Management Software

"Route Rite"tm Windows Routing and Billing Software

"Route Rite"tm Legend Software is "All in One" Software and has a "One Time License Fee" that is "Easy to Use" "Highly Data Setup Customizable"

"My Billing Buddy"tm Android Invoicing Software

"Route Rite"® Software History:
Route Rite is our 4th Generation of Dos and "Windows"tm Desktop and Notebook Route Service Billing Software for your Service Businesses. Since 1991, our Pest Management and Route Billing Software has been an industry leader. Starting with Pest Control Software, we found that everyone had special ways to run their business so we wanted to make flexible Lawn Service software. Our goal is to allow, you to mold the service software to fit your style of routing and billing. So if have multiple profit centers like pest control, carpet cleaning, lawn care, irrigation and home cleaning, this pest control software can route, schedule, bill, invoice and record the history of your route customers for a single profit center or multiple. Using the latest of Microsoft Development Tools, the service software can also communicate with many of your & their favorite software programs like Microsoft "Word", "Excel" and Intuits "QuickBooks". The software exports Sales and Tax Totals to Intuit's QuickBooks & allows pasting of drawing or diagrams from your most any drawing package. Even attach scanned documents. Most of all, our software Support is very mature with many helpful training aids from years and years of history of new users learning our software. This software will show projected material and products needed for route stops to help you organize for today's or this weeks route. You may assign and change your customers product or service pricing anytime, NY Pesticide Usage Report Upgrade, Credit Balance Report are all included in this software product.

With "Route Rite"® Legend Route Service Billing Software:
See your Route Service Customer Information, Service Instructions and Invoice Detail History for multiple service addresses. Attach Drawings, maps or digital pictures to your customer...More

Get Automatic Reminders with your customers Next Service Date or automatically print the service slip for jobs with pre determined, preset days of the week. Reminders include on-screen a relational geographic layout of your existing truck stops...More

Use the Automatic Billing upon completion of each service or bill a predetermined cycle (like a water cooler rental or lawn care service weekly with monthly billing). Immediately print Invoices and aged statements...More

Use Material(s) as part of a service, with usage reporting. Or Sell Products with sales reporting. Track Quantities on hand on Trucks, in your Office or at your Customer Locations. Each customer can have different pricing for the inventory of materials, products and equipment. ...More

Keep Informed with production, sales, detailed aging, invoicing, renewals, Cash Receipts and credit balance reporting. Export Invoice (sales) Totals on an accrual or cash basis, to Intuits "QuickBooks" tm Accounts for profit and loss...More

Get a Geographic View of your current route stops in relation to a target stop if you want. Or Move a job or group of jobs to another day...More
Add on Ca Termite for On Screen completion and billing for California Termite Reports or Completion Reports...More

Print Service Slips, Invoices and Statements ready to stuff into #10 Window Envelope...More

Collect Payments on the job or in the mail and apply them to your customers account...More

Even use the pest control software mobile from home or truck using a Microsoft Tablet PC or More...More

Route Rite can be used for Pest Control Software, Lawn Maintenance Software, Pool Service Software, Water Service Software, Medical Waste Software, Shredding Service Software, Disposal Billing Software, Sanitation Billing Software, Pooper Scooper Software, Maid Cleaning Software, Window Cleaners Software, Route Scheduling Software & Other Route Customer Software & Billing Software.
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Route Rite Route Service and Billing Software, Since 1991, is for your Windows Computer tested through Windows 7. Route Rite includes Customer History, Routing and Scheduling, Inventory, Accounts Receivable. Use its "All in One" features for your single computer or multiple computers traditionally with or without our Android Software
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"My Billing Buddy"™ Android Software for Paperless Routing and Billing of your Customer Sales or Service Visits
Use "Route Rite"™ Legend Software Paperless

With "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector and "My Billing Buddy"™ Link Software causing Emailing of Edited and Completed Invoices from the Truck. Now Your Approved Android Smart Phone's or Tablet's Using "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Routing, Invoicing, Inventory and Inspection Software can send completed and receive new jobs from "Route Rite"™ Legend Software in a way to reduce office posting and increase Route Technician Communication without wasted travel.

Now you can Maximize Reducing Vehicle Mileage and Vehicle Fuel Expenses, Paper Printing and Postage, and Office Posting Expenses.
"Route Rite"™ Windows Based Routing, Inventory, Customer Billing Software
Use our Windows Based Desktop "Route Rite"™ Software to Route Your Trucks On Time, Perform and Re-Schedule Services, Sell Products or use Material and Equipment, then Invoice your Customers and Collect Your Money with Accounts Receivable and Customer History while Printing Service Forms Including Service Slips, Invoices, Statements, Renewals and Reporting. Runs on Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8
Route Rite Software for Windows XP, 7 and 8, has Integrated Customer History, On Screen Routing and Scheduling, Inventory and Accounts Recievable to run on your Notebook or Desktop
You May Add "My Billing Buddy"™ Inspector Android Route Managment Software and Go Paperless. Instead of Service Forms being printed in the office they are emailed right from your Android Phone. Your Customers can be there, you may use the mapping and Calendaring, the GPS, the Directions, The Camera for inspections and More to help you to Reduce Vehicle Mileage and Expense, Paper Costs and Postage and Office Posting
Use Either or Both Software Packages and Us to Train you. More on Route Rite: